Danish Kindergarden Cycling Games

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ECF, 1/1/2010


Nursery school children and school children can have great fun cycling. Cycling helps children to be happy and healthy and cycling is an activity that benefits everyone and lasts a lifetime.

The Cycling Games are a part of The Danish Cyclists’ Federations annual bicycle campaign “ABC – Alle Boern Cykler” (All Kids Cycle). DCF has made book as well as a website that contains 20 bicycle games that kids of all ages can play. To each game the school teacher or the like can find a thorough guide or watch videos on the website.


Games offer the most enjoyable and effective form of cycle training. Making skid marks or catching soap bubbles helps children get used to their bikes. Cycling games help children to develop, as children experience and learn through movement.

Nursery school children are of course too small to cycle by themselves in traffic, but they are not too small to learn how to cycle. If they become proficient at it, they will be much better at learning the rules of cycling and how to deal with traffic lights and other road users when they have to cycle in traffic later on.


The Cycling Games is an ongoing educational strategy that, so far, has received positive respons.

Managed by: Danish Cyclists’ Federation in collaboration with TrygFonden and several Danish municipalities. 

Watch the Cycling Games: Click here

Contact Person: Mai-Britt Kristensen mak@dcf.dk 

Website: http://cykelleg.dk/ or http://www.abc-abc.dk/Laerer/Cykellege.aspx

Download Book: http://cykelleg.dk/Cykelleg2010.pdf 

- See more at: http://www.ecf.com/campaigns/cycling-games/#sthash.FUbCcqXo.dpuf