1,200 cyclists PER HOUR using new cycle superhighway

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by Laura Laker May 26 2016

People on bikes now outnumber other vehicles on two of London's new Cycle Superhighway routes, just weeks after they opened...
N-S cycle superhighway (still from @Lakerlikes Instagram)

N-S cycle superhighway (still from @Lakerlikes Instagram)

Cyclists now outnumber all other vehicles on London’s new East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighway routes, just weeks after their opening, according to initial observations.

Ahead of formal counts, around 1,200 cyclists have been observed using the brand new East-West Cycle Superhighway in the morning and evening peaks, just three weeks after it opened – more than using the same roads by motor vehicle, according to Transport for London. On the North-South route cycles also outnumber other vehicles crossing Blackfriars Bridge.

The news comes a week after Sadiq Khan’s office confirmed the Western extension of the E-W route is under review where it is proposed to cross the Westway flyover, reportedly in response to concerns raised by Westfield Shopping Centre about shoppers in cars potentially suffering delays in traffic jams.

At the London Cycling Awards on Friday London’s Cycling Commissioner said the routes are already proving they were worth the at times tough battle against opponents concerned about journey times for motor traffic.

He said: “Already there are more people using the East-West Cycle Superhighway in rush hour than there are [motor] vehicles. It’s already making a case and showing objections to be unfounded.”

“Don’t underestimate for a moment just how difficult it has been,” he said, urging Sadiq Khan to keep going with the cycling programme and not to pause, saying "time is your enemy" where cycling infrastructure was concerned.

The new three mile East-West Cycle Superhighway runs from Tower Hill to Parliament Square, while the North-South route runs from St George’s Circus to Farringdon, via Blackfriars Bridge, where the two routes meet. The N-S route will also be extended, North to Kings Cross St Pancras station.

In response to complaints on Twitter some cyclists were riding on the carriageway, TfL said: “Initial observations on new Cycle Superhighway routes show good compliance from all road users: cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles.” 

road.cc is awaiting more detailed count figures from Transport for London.

Source: road.cc