24 states, 53 cities: Protected bike lanes have become as American as pizza

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August 19, 2014

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer

The American bike-lane design revolution keeps rolling.

Seven years ago, protected bike lanes were one of two things in the United States: a relic of the pre-Watergate 70s or one of those crazy things they do in Northern Europe and Southern China (or maybe in Quebec — close enough).

But by the middle of 2014, there's no question: protected bike lanes have become as American as the California roll, the chalupa and the deep-dish pizza. They're on the ground in 24 states and 53 cities, with 20 cities working on their first right now.

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Every time you turn around this summer, it seems, another city has unveiled its first protected lane project. (Aug. 7: Athens, Georgia. Aug. 8: Tempe, Arizona. This morning: Pentagon City, Virginia.) So we're happy to add that the figures above are only a snapshot of a rapidly changing practice in American street design.

The figures in the infographic above are based on a few months of careful work by Green Lane Project researcher Maryam Kirimi, who has completed the latest update to our inventory of every protected bike lane in the United States and Canada. Got one to add? Let her know at maryam@peopleforbikes.org.