A cycle-to-work standard

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A cycle-to-work standard should include:

  1. Adequate bike parking
  2. Showering facilities
  3. Lockers
  4. Buy a bike through work
  5. Incentivised business travel by bike
  6. Maps and information on safe routes
  7. Basic stuff for staff to borrow: locks, lights, waterproofs
  8. A group of cycling colleagues available for help and advice

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A cycle-to-work standard

Sustrans is calling on governments to recognise the economic value and health benefits of cycling to work by setting a minimum standard of facilities and support that workplaces should provide for those commuting by bike.

Cycle parking and showers in an office should be as common as a printer and a coffee machine and by introducing a ‘cycle-to-work standard’ governments would be taking the first steps to making this a reality.

- Malcolm Shepherd,
Chief Executive, Sustrans

A government-endorsed ‘cycle to work standard’ would help businesses to benchmark the level of facilities and support they should provide so more of their staff can cycle to work, helping them unlock the economic benefits of a healthy, active workforce.

Similar to the Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme in Scotland, the ‘cycle to work standard’ would give businesses access to advice on how to make their workplace fit for cycling and provide a recognised standard for their success.

Cycle Friendly Employer Award has engaged with and provided the focus, support and advocacy to improve the cycling environment of 383 employers across Scotland. 162 of these employers have achieved the Cycle Friendly Employer status covering 74,168 employees in total. The assessment process provides a bench mark and recommendations allowing employers to take specific positive steps to increase the uptake of cycling to and at work.

Everyone should be able to cycle to work – sign our petition to make Britain’s workplaces fit for cycling at www.sustrans.org.uk/cycletowork/petition

What do workplaces need?

Just as workplaces offer free or subsidised car parking or season ticket loans, they should provide the facilities and support to help people cycle to work. These should include:

Facilities for cycling

  • secure bike parking
  • showering facilities
  • lockers to store gear
  • basic equipment to borrow like locks, lights and emergency waterproofs.

Support for cycling

  • help with the cost of a new bike through the cycle to work scheme
  • maps and information on safe routes to work
  • bike buddying, where experienced cyclists buddy want-to-be cyclists
  • bike maintenance and support rides at lunch time, and bike breakfasts, to get to know the area
  • cycle training
  • incentivised business travel by bike
  • businesses providing pool bikes, including folding bikes.
Source: sustrans.org.uk

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