A structured approach to abandoned bikes bears fruit

פורסם: 29 בינו׳ 2013, 7:47 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 12 במרץ 2013, 6:13 ]

Many municipalities with a structured approach to abandoned bicycles are pleased with the results. Enforcement has freed up a significant amount of space in bike parking facilities. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer has in this way removed 800 abandoned bikes last year while Enschede removed 1600 during the first half year of the project. As result 39% of the bike parking facility at Enschede train station was freed up.


Utrecht municipality also conducted an abandoned bike campaign in the city centre, thus freeing 1364 spaces. For once, there was room in the bike racks. When interviewed, many people supported the removal of abandoned bikes. They even suggested it should be done more often.

Well-educated and young people leave their bikes behind more often than other groups. These are the findings of a survey about abandoned bikes conducted by the University of Utrecht on behalf of the Dutch Railroads and the Cycling Council. In 82 percent of cases the poor condidtion of the bicycle is the reason why people abandon it. Other reasons are: “I did not know what else I could do” (41%) and “I bought/received another/better bike” (40%). Besides, most people abandon their bikes close to home. For that reason there are many orphaned bikes in residential areas. The survey shows that most people do not know how to get rid of their dilapidated bike; 65 percent would like more information on how to go about that.

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