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By London Cycling Campaign on 15 Jan 2014

If you're looking to inspire your organisation through cycling and engage with those already commuting by bike; or perhaps you’re an employee who would like to see cycling supported within your workplace? London Cycling Campaign’s Cycling Projects team offer dedicated workshops that can be tailored to meet the requirements for any group of people, and ensure that all those who want to ride a bike, or already do, really understand cycling in London.


The London Cycling Workshop aims to help people who want to start cycling, but can also improve the experience of riding a bike in London for those who already commute. LCC is impartial and as a recognised and trusted voice on cycling, our knowledgeable team will come to your organisation and talk to people in any sized group about using a bicycle on London’s roads.

New riders, experienced cyclists and all those people in-between have benefitted from the London Cycling Workshop, as it offers advice relevant to all parties without being patronising or exclusive. Covering all aspects from cycle confidence and the basic rules of the road to one-to-one route planning, the workshop will help people take up everyday cycling and address any issues that current cyclists may have, but don't know where to find the answers. From our experience, even those people who commute daily will lack certain knowledge and a group that combines all levels helps address a wide range of cycling-related questions with advice that will be useful to all. 

As well as the London Cycling Workshop, Cycling Projects can also arrange for our experienced mechanics to run bike-check sessions and maintenance classes, and organise cycle confidence sessions and group rides with our qualified cycle trainers. We also offer support to cyclists through our London Cycling Network. This programme helps groups within organisations get the best cycling facilities and lobby for safe routes within their commute.

You can find out more via our Products and Services webpages.


Source: lcc.org.uk