Better Transportation Options=Healthier Lives

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New Public Health, October 25, 2012
The NewPublicHealth National Prevention Strategy series is underway, including interviews with Cabinet Secretaries and their National Prevention Council designees, exploring the impact of transportation, education and more on health. “Better Transportation Options = Healthier Lives” tells a visual story on the role of transportation in the health of our communities.

Some highlights:

  • Public transit users walk an average of 19 minutes getting to and from public transportation.
  • Countries with lower rates of obesity tend to have higher rates of commuters who walk or bike to work.
  • The risk of obesity increases 6% with every additional mile spent in the car, and decreases 5% with every kilometer walked.
  • Lengthy commutes cost $100 billion each year in excess fuel costs and lost productivity.
  • More than 30,000 people died in car wrecks in 2010.
  • Strong seatbelt and child safety laws resulted in a 25% decrease in car accident deaths since 2005.
Also check out our previous infographic exploring the connection between education and health.

>>For more on transportation and health: Read our interview with Ray LaHood, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.


More Transportation Options=Healthier Lives


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