Bicycle Friendly Community: New York, NY | Silver Level

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August 2011

Community Highlights: New York is the most populous Bicycle Friendly Community and it stands as an example of what can be done with good planning, strong advocates, and forward-thinking political leadership. The city's dedication can be seen in the efforts to study and reduce crashes and fatalities, improvements to the network connectivity, the addition of bicycle parking throughout the city, and a three-year plan to add 200 miles of on-street bicycle facilities. In addition, the city has increased efforts to improve motorists and cyclists education. Twice annual week-long Bike to School events occur in the spring and fall and includes bicycle education, rules of the road, learn-to-ride classes, and helmet fittings, culminating in a group ride to school led by DOT and Bike New York. Trained educators have distributed over 45,000 bike helmets and will increasingly assist the Bicycle Program with bicycle education events in all five boroughs, including bike map, light, bell and BikeSmart distribution. The city sponsors dozens of bicycle events from Public Art Bike Tours to Ring in the Spring bike bell and bike light give-aways to the Summer Streets event with an estimated attendance of 60,000 people per day. New York City has also developed an in‐depth crash analysis, distributed 45,000 copies of the BikeSmart Guide to Cycling, and built an unprecedented amount of new and innovative bicycle facilities.

Most Recent Accomplishment: In 2010, DOT installed more than 50 miles of bike infrastructure citywide, bringing the total number of on-street miles to 500. This includes protected on‐street bicycle paths on First and Second Avenues, Columbus Avenue and Prospect Park West. This effort comes on top of the successful completion of their 3 year, 200 lane mile bicycle network expansion, which began in 2006.

Future Plans: DOT has recently released an RFP for a large scale bike share program for New York City.  The program is expected to open in Spring of 2012.

Source: League of American Bicyclists