Bicycles allowed on intercity train lines in Israel

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By SHARON UDASIN , 2 Aug 2012
Photo: Illustrative photo: Israel for Bicycles (Israel Bishvil Ofanaim)
Bicycles can now join their riders on all Israel Railways train lines, the organization Israel for Bicycles (Israel Bishvil Ofanaim) announced Thursday.

After pilot programs this year in which bikes were allowed on select train lines, they are now permitted on all. Israel Railways has asked that riders bring their own locks to secure their bikes to the banisters.

Bikes are not yet, however, allowed on the Jerusalem Light Rail, which is not under the jurisdiction of Israel Railways.

Members of Israel for Bicycles praised the decision to allow bikes on trains, stressing that people will likely appreciate and take advantage of the option, particularly due to the rising cost of fuel.

“The State of Israel joins a long list of countries in which bringing bikes on the train is possible,” Israel for Bicycles CEO Yotam Avizohar said.

Avizohar called the train “the ideal means of transportation” for travel between cities, and said the bicycle is a perfect complementary transportation mechanism – resistant to gas price rises and vehicle traffic. Allowing bikes on the train also provides increased accessibility to their places of work for those who cannot purchase private vehicles, he added.

“It is clear that not everyone can live on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, but by bicycle, it is possible to arrive at the train station within 10 minutes, in Ramle, Lod, Petah Tikva and many other cities,” Avizohar said.

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