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Bike Experience is recruiting!

Are you looking for a new experience? Then Bike Experience is for you! Swap your car for the bike from 2 to 16 May and discover the ease and pleasure of the bike yourself. Experienced cyclists are welcome too.

Are you a car driver? And you want to take part? Become a Biker!

You already cycle every day? And you want to take part? Become a Coach!

Register here by midnight on 31 March.

Bikers – m/f without cycling experience

Are you a car driver in Brussels? Do you want to take up the challenge of leaving your car in the garage for two weeks? And can you ride a bike? Then the role of Biker is just up your street.

Required profile:

  • You are prepared to leave your car in the garage and cycle to and from work during Bike Experience
  • You are taking part in the presentation day and are taking the course of practical training on Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 April
  • You have civil liability insurance or family insurance

We offer you:

  • Training ‘Cycling in the city’ to help you develop the correct reflexes

    What is the best way of crossing tramlines? Are two cyclists allowed to ride next to each other in the city? On which side do we pass a row of stationary vehicles?

    Take advantage of this free training and find out about your place as a cyclist in the city in all safety. The programme includes: theoretical tips, a track on a closed terrain, and a test ride in city traffic.

  • Loaned cycles

    You don’t have a bike? No problem! We will lend you one for Bike Experience!

    You have a bike? Then make sure you come along to one of our workshops for a check-up in the weekend of 28 and 29 April.

  • A supervisor for three days

    A Coach will supervise you on your ride to and from work in the mornings and evenings for the first three days of Bike Experience. You try out the best cycling routes together. You can ask your personal Coach any questions about cycling in the city.

  • A ‘Bike Kit’

    As a Biker, you are also given:

    • A coloured safety jacket
    • A cycling map of the Region of Brussels
    • Bicycle clips
    • o Your ‘Biker Guide’ practical information book


Register before midnight on 31 March.

Coach – m/f with cycling exprience

Do you cycle every day? And do you want to take part in Bike Experience? Join the group of Coaches who are in training and show motivated beginners the ropes in the world of active mobility.

We try to ensure that by the end of the registration process you are paired with a Biker who has more or less the same route.

Required profile:

  • You are an experienced Biker and an immaculate coach for your Biker
  • You are available on 28 or 29 April from 12.30 to 2.00 p.m. to meet your candidate
  • You supervise your Biker for three days in the mornings and evenings on the first trips to and from work
  • You take part in a training session to learn how to coach your Biker properly and to make you feel at ease (the date of the training follows as soon as a Biker is allotted to you)
  • You have civil liability insurance or family insurance

We offer you:

  • An unforgettable experience
  • Remuneration of €60
  • A ‘Bike Kit’ consisting of:
    • A coloured safety jacket
    • A cycling map of the Region of Brussels
    • Bicycle clips
    • Your ‘Guide for the Coach’ practical information book


Register before midnight on 31 March.

Privacy: The personal data which you pass on to us is registered in the file of Bike Experience, rue de Londres, 15, 1050 Brussels. This data is processed by Bike Experience as part of the management of our database. If you no longer want to appear in this database, you can deregister via the site, by telephone on the number 02 502 73 55 or by letter (Bike Experience - Pro Velo, rue de Londres 15 - 1050 Brussels). You have a right of access and rectification.

Step 1

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Form of address: *MrMrsLast Name:*First name: *Email: * Choose a password: * Repeat your password: *Fixed telephone: *Mobile:

If you have any problem or if you're looking for assistance to register, you can call Pro Velo at 02 502 73 55


Seven golden rules for changing over to the bike

As with the car, safety, comfort, and quality are the priorities when you cycle on public roads. These seven rules will put you on the right track!

1. Choose the correct bike

Do you cycle only in the city? Do you wish to cycle and use public transport? Do you have space at home to park a bike? Before buying a bike, you might want to try out different bikes: city bike, hybrid bike, folding bike, an electrical bike …
Do you wish to hire a bike or try out a particular model? Make sure you visit these web sites:

2. Buy a quality bike

Just as you buy your car from a good garage manager or concession holder, you should buy your bike from a professional bicycle trader. Only then you are sure that you have a sturdy frame and quality components. Click here to find a bicycle shop in Brussels.

3. Don’t neglect maintenance

Take your bike to a shop regularly for maintenance. Brakes, tires, lights, and gears must be checked regularly. Or, you can learn to maintain your bike yourself at Les Ateliers de la rue Voot, Cyclo or Pro Velo.

4. Choose the best cycling route

Avoid busy traffic or exhausting slopes. Choose pleasant and safe roads. Limited one-way traffic, regional cycling routes, the Green Walk and cycle junctions make cycling safer and more pleasant. View the cycling map here of the Region of Brussels.

5. Make sure you have legal equipment

Certain rules apply on public roads to both cyclists and other road users. Items such as brakes, a bike bell, lights, and reflectors are obligatory. Check here whether your bike is in order.

6. Make sure that you are visible

  • Wear bright or colourful clothing
  • Dare to claim your place on the road (keep at least one meter distance between yourself and parked cars or the road)
  • Put yourself in the middle of the lane when you stop at traffic lights, enter a roundabout, or go into a limited one-way street (if nothing is coming in the other direction)

7. Look ahead at all times

  • Steer a straight course
  • Cycle defensively. Assume that others have not seen or expected to see you
  • Look well in front of you and anticipate danger so that you prevent or foresee it
  • Seek eye contact

More info?

Take part in one of the training sessions of the GRACQ or the Fietsersbond.

All this advice and more news dedicated to two-wheelers are gathered all year long in the bike section of the Brussels Mobility website.


Curious about what you can get from your Bike Experience? Get a glimpse of what last year’s participants experienced.

“Cycling in a skirt is no problem at all!”

“Cycling in a skirt is no problem at all!”

“Quite a fan of my bike, with battery (yes, I admit it)”

“Quite a fan of my bike, with battery (yes, I admit it)”

“One car less!”

“One car less!”

“Mind the rails!”

“Mind the rails!”

“After a training in ideal conditions”

“After a training in ideal conditions”

“The narrow roads no longer seem unapproachable”

“The narrow roads no longer seem unapproachable”

“You wouldn’t think it, but it’s 40 minutes of extra sport a day.”

“You wouldn’t think it, but it’s 40 minutes of extra sport a day.”

“I discovered that it is possible to cycle in Brussels!”

“I discovered that it is possible to cycle in Brussels!”

“Bike Experience = great experience”

“Bike Experience = great experience”

“Wonderful experience”

“Wonderful experience”

“Last day”

“Last day”

“Very positive outcome, what seemed hard to manage has become trivial …”

“Very positive outcome, what seemed hard to manage has become trivial …”

“Before Bike Experience, I refused to cycle: I was frightened by the traffic in Brussels!”

“Before Bike Experience, I refused to cycle: I was frightened by the traffic in Brussels!”

Nuria Antia
“Mission accomplished!”

“Mission accomplished!”

“Is this really a one-way street or not?”

“Is this really a one-way street or not?”

“The Bike Experience is fascinating all my family and friends!“

“The Bike Experience is fascinating all my family and friends!“


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Bike Experience? Here you can find the answer to some of the more frequently asked questions.
If you still cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bike Experience is intended primarily for motorists in Brussels who are willing to leave their car at home between the 2nd and the 16th May and cycle to and from work. You only need to know how to ride a bike (at least keep your balance and ride straight)!
Anyone can therefore take part in Bike Experience, including persons over the age of 59!
And of course, it is entirely free of charge!

Participants of Bike Experience are expected to:

  • give up their car and get on a bike for the two-week Bike Experience
  • at least for their commute between home and work
  • know how to ride a bike (at least keep their balance and ride straight)
  • take part in the meeting and information day to be held at the BIP (rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels) and in Brussels Park on Saturday 28th April or Sunday 29th April

Excellent idea, welcome!
This website is fully equipped to manage your application and file.
So jump back to the homepage to get connected or click here.
Note that registration ends at midnight on the 31st March.
You will be promptly updated on the progress of your application. Your participation in Bike Experience will be confirmed as soon as a coach has been found to accompany you.

Of course! Once the file is created on our website, you have private access to your file and the option of modifying details. This space will quickly become your point of reference for all practical aspects linked to your registration.

Your user ID is simply the e-mail address you used in your application.
If you have lost your password, click here, we will send you a new one.

The aims of the compulsory training for new coaches are:

  • to clarify your role as a coach
  • to provide you with the necessary tools and a common methodology for accompanying and advising your cyclists through traffic
  • to respond to any questions you may have

The training will begin with a theory part (indoors) followed by a practical part (outdoors). It will then end with a short debriefing. You should count approximately 2h30min.

The coach training will take place at the Maison des Cyclistes (rue de Londres 15 in Ixelles). The outdoors practical part will take place in the neighbouring area.

It is a short (2h30min) training session preparing the cyclist for cycling in the city, for them to adopt the right reflexes. How do you cross tram tracks? Can two cyclists ride side by side in the city? Do you pass a line of cars that have stopped on the left or the right? To adapt your cycling skills to the city, there's nothing better than a free training session!
The training session is organised by GRACQ - Les Cyclistes Quotidiens, Fietsersbond and Pro Velo. It combines theoretical advice, practice on a secure site and then direct implementation in city traffic. And it all takes place in a friendly atmosphere!
This training will be offered on the meeting and information day on Saturday 28th April or Sunday 29th April.

Congratulations! If your attendance has been confirmed for the 28th or 29th April, that means you have been assigned a coach and will be taking part in the Bike Experience from the 2nd to the 16th May.
In preparation for the Experience, you are invited to take part in a meeting and information day. This will be held on the 28th or 29th April at the BIP (rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels) and at Brussels Park. You will receive all the practical information regarding this event by e-mail. For now, it is worth noting that this day will be made up of an information session, the opportunity for coaches and cyclists who will be living the Experience together to meet over lunch, and a training session on the bikes.
We are already very much looking forward to seeing you there!

Unfortunately not, no! We are looking for participants who are available for both weeks. However, you could get in touch with GRACQ - Les Cyclistes Quotidiens. They might know of cyclists whose commute route is similar to yours, who might be able to help you.

Yes! Within the context of Bike Experience, future cyclists will have the opportunity to borrow a bike (city bike or folding bike - subject to availability). The opportunity to request a bike was presented at the time of your application on the website.

You can pick up the bike which we will have reserved for you during the meeting and information day on the 28th or 29th April. We kindly ask you to bring the bike back at the end of the Experience (16th May). The bikes do have to be returned at the same place on Wednesday 16th May (between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.) or Thursday 17th May (between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.).

In case of any problem with the bike during Bike Experience, please contact Pro Velo (tel. 02 502 73 55) as soon as possible.

If you want to share and let others share your Experience, we will happily publish your comments on the Bike Experience website and Facebook page. And don't hesitate to regularly write comments so we can share the evolution of your Experience.

If you have a Facebook account, make sure your friends get the chance to share your Experience. You are our best ambassador! If you prefer, we can publish just your first name and not your surname. It's up to you! In your registration file you can adapt your preferences yourself.

If you have any comments, please write to

Yes, all throughout the year! GRACQ – Les Cyclistes Quotidiens holds a course entitled ‘Vélo-trafic’ which is aimed at teenagers and adults, to help them get (back) on their bikes. The fact is that some people fear the dangers faced by cyclists on public roads. This training helps them overcome their fears and master the skills needed to cycle in daily traffic. In practical terms, a ‘Vélo-trafic’ training consists in a three-hour session by a qualified instructor. It includes:

Who can take part?

Adults and teenagers over 14 years of age, already able to ride a bike but hesitant to take on city traffic. Note that minors must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost?

For GRACQ members : 5 Euros on the day/ 4 Euros for advance purchase

Thank you for your involvement as a coach! Once we have a candidate cyclist for you to accompany, you will be informed by e-mail, with the contact details of your cyclist. You will then be welcome to make contact and introduce yourself. In any case, you will have the chance to meet at the time of the 28th or 29th April meeting days.

What an excellent idea! Thank you!
As well as a campaign to encourage drivers to get on their bikes, Bike Experience is a big movement to raise interest in biking. As a participant and therefore ambassador of this Experience, we would be delighted for you to spread the word. There is just one rule to follow: Talk about it! Tell your friends, colleagues, neighbours, local bookshop ... shout about it from the rooftops!

The family RC (civil responsibility) insurance, commonly referred to as ‘family insurance’ or ‘private life insurance’ protects you if, within the context of your private life, you are civilly responsible for damage to a third party.

If, within the context of your private life, you are responsible for physical damage (for instance a wound) or material damage (damage to goods) of a third party, this guarantee will cover the compensation owed to the victim, with possible deduction of excess.

It covers damages caused by yourself or persons living in your home, but also by your cleaning lady or baby-sitter during employment, as well as by your pets.

You could also ask your company to offer cycle training to you and your colleagues. Pro Velo then comes during the week to outline the tricks of the trade with an official trainer. One advantage is that you receive training in the vicinity of your company premises. And so, you discover the best access roads or the quickest way to the train station or nearest Villo station. Please contact



This year, Bike Experience is proposing that companies take up the challenge!

Discover and support companies which have committed themselves to take up the challenge of finding as many bikers or coaches as possible from their employees who are ready to try the experience of commuting by bike!

Is the name of your company listed?

  • Support your company by registering under its colours: fill in the name of your company in the field provided for this purpose at the time of registration!
  • Encourage your colleagues to do the same:
    1. Perhaps some of your colleagues would like to try cycling between home and work, but they wouldn’t dare to try? Suggest to them that they register as bikers!
    2. Perhaps some of your colleagues cycle every day and want to pass on their skills? Suggest to them that they register as coaches!
  • Follow the success of your company on this page every day!

Is the name of your company not yet listed?

• Talk to the person responsible for mobility within your company and invite him or her to sign and return the ‘Bike Experience Challenge’ form !

Any questions?

Contact us !
E-mail : – Tel. 02 502 73 55

You can also follow us on LinkedIn.



You are a journalist and you have a question about Bike Experience? Feel free to contact our press department for more information, interviews or visuals:

Voice Agency
Julien Brasseur - – 02 290 31 09
Karel Goethals - – 02 340 92 41


You are looking for more information and you cannot find the answer in our FAQ section? Then you can reach us here:

Bike Experience

Rue de Londres 15, 1050 Brussels
Phone 02 502 73 55

Fax 02 502 86 41


The organisers

Bike Experience is a campaign of the Brussels cycling organisations, coordinated by Pro Velo in cooperation with Brussels Mobility.


CyCLO vzw is a socioeconomic undertaking promoting cycling in Brussels through bicycle technology, recycling, culture and innovation. CyCLO works on the crossroads of mobility, ecology and employment. The association’s bike-technical knowledge is its main asset. Its positioning is much-needed and unique.

Les Ateliers de la rue Voot

Les Ateliers de la rue Voot is a creative expression centre that was established in Woluwe-St-Lambert in 1972. The association wants to make cyclists more independent by teaching them to maintain and repair their own bike.
In Les Ateliers de la rue Voot and Fietspunt VOOT-VUB you enter a world of spare parts, brake cables, black hands and spanners in all shapes and sizes. Supported by a skilled team of specialists, you are taught the tricks of the mechanics trade in a pleasant atmosphere.
The association also offers training courses and rents out bicycles that have been recycled and repaired.


The Fietsersbond believes that the cyclist is the basic link in sustainable mobility. With over 7,000 members in Flanders and Brussels, the interest group represents 23,500 cyclists.
On a regional, national and international level, the Fietsersbond devotes itself to an integral cycling policy. On a local level, almost 60 volunteer departments work on a bicycle-friendly environment.
With the Fietsacademie, the Fietsersbond provides an extensive educational offer. Bike to Work urges employees to cycle to work more often. With this, the Fietsersbond also offers employers a handy tool to follow-up cycling behaviour in their company.


Le GRACQ - Les Cyclistes Quotidiens ensures that all people who want to travel by bike can do this in the best possible circumstances.
With the support of its volunteers, GRACQ promotes the interests of cyclists vis-à-vis the Brussels and Walloon authorities.
The GRACQ is involved in campaigns that raise awareness, information sessions and courses. The union currently represents over 2,000 members.

Pro Velo

Pro Velo is a service organisation that helps local authorities, schools and companies to give bikes more room. It also organises guided cycling trips in Brussels and cycling events.

EU Cyclists’ Group

The EU Cyclists’ Group has over 1,300 members who work for the European institutions in Brussels and promotes the bicycle as an everyday means of transport.
The association’s activities include, among others:

  • lobbying the internal administration of EU institutions for equipment and infrastructure for cyclists (such as showers, dressing rooms and bike sheds) as well as providing general information about 'cyclability’
  • lobbying federal, regional and municipal authorities that are responsible for road infrastructure, mainly in the European district
  • participating in various ‘bike committees‘ (regional, City of Brussels, etc.)

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