Bike hire plans in Sydney hinge on helmets

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Jacob Saulwick, March 5, 2012
Poor performance ... Melbourne's bike hire scheme.

Poor performance ... Melbourne's bike hire scheme. Photo: Mal Fairclough

THE City of Sydney is considering a bicycle hire scheme, but only if it wins an exemption from compulsory helmet laws. It also wants to finish its network of inner-city bike lanes first.

The planning development and transport committee will assess the city's latest transport strategy tonight, including the scheme to supply 2000 bikes for hire and 3500 racks to store bikes.

But the poor performance of Melbourne's scheme, in which only 20,600 bikes were hired in the first four months, has convinced the council to hold off. Successful schemes have tended to be in cities without compulsory helmet laws. One million bikes were hired in the London scheme's first two weeks, and 1 million were hired in the first four months in Montreal.

''The city is considering options for addressing this issue, such as advocating a pilot scheme where helmets are not compulsory for adults in an approved area with low traffic speeds and separated cycleways,'' the council said.

Jacob Saulwick


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