Bike to work in Herzliya, summary of October 2013 events

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By Eran Shchori, Bike to work Program manager, Israel Bicycle Association (in Hebrew: 'Israel Bishvil Ofanaim')
October 14, 2013

Three 'Bike to work in Herzliya' events took place during October 2013. About 150 employees from 45 companies participated in those events with an average of 75 participated in each event.

The events were initiated by the NGO 'Israel Bicycle Association' (in Hebrew: 'Israel Bishvil Ofanaim') with full cooperation and funding of the Municipality of Herzliya (a city north to Tel-Aviv). The project team included the head of the Sports department at the municipality of Herzliya, the head of the Popular Sports department, the head of the environmental department, the city's spokesman and myself.

Among the companies of which their employees participated were EMC, Fundtech, Verint, cVidya, Broadcom, Dell, BlueSnap and many more that are located at the Hi-Tech industrial zone of Herzliya. On their way to work, employees passed through Ehud Manor Park situated next to High-Tech industrial zone; had a "Health Breakfast", got a medal (each one of the participants!), made some "networking", and continued to work. A pleasant and calm atmosphere surrounded each of the events, as people from various companies met for the first time, chatted, ate, and moved on.

bike to work flyer in Hebrew

Street signs were hanged across the city:
bike to work in Herzliya street sign

A large street sign was hung over the main entrance to the Hi-Tech industrial zone:
bike to work in Herzliya street sign over Aba Even street

A welcome sign was hung over the meeting point at Ehud Manor park:
ברוכים הבאים לרוכבים לעבודה בהרצליה

The (former) Mayor of Herzliya, Yonatan Yassur, came to meet the participants. He listened to their views of what needs to be done in order to promote bicycling to work. Cyclists who live in Tel Aviv complained about the lack of a paved bicycle track between Tel Aviv and Herzliya and requested that he would make an effort that such bicycle track be paved. Many cyclists complained about the lack of showers in most workplaces.

Photo albums were uploaded to facebook: First event, Second event, Third event:

רוכבים לעבודה בהרצליה

רוכבים לעבודה בהרצליה

מקבל מדליה

Video films from the events

A video film from the first event (1:20 minute):
Bike to work in Herzliya, first event, October 8, 2013. Photography: Real Timing

A video film from the second event (6:18 minutes, including interviews):
Bike to work in Herzliya, second event, October 15, 2013. Photography: Real Timing

A video film from the third event (3:43 minutes):
Bike to work in Herzliya, first event, October 29, 2013. Photography: Real Timing

Why should you Bike to work?
When you bike to work, you start your day with a smile, after you've burnt several hundreds calories. Bicycling in good not only to the employees who integrate their phisical workout with their daily routine, but is also rewarding their employers with healthier, more productive employees. In addition, using bicycles as a means of transportation prevents the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) that our cars emit. In this way, bicycling to work helps the fight global warming. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) predicts that tempratures are going to rise by 2-5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century unless we emit less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

And the traffic jam at the entrance to the Industrial zone? It was cut by 75 cars at each of the event dates (more if we take into accounts those bicyclist who did not participate in the events). 

How many Calories have the participants burnt?
- Each participant have burnt 300 calories on average at each event under the following assumptions: body weight 80 kg, distance 10 km, average cycling time 40 minutes.
- Each participant took off 33 grams of his/her weight at each event. Each gram of body fat produces 9 calories.
- At each event, all participants have burnt (together) more than 20,000 calories and lost (together) about 2.2 kg of body fat.
- At all three events, all participants have burnt (together) more than 60,000 calories and lost (together) about 7 kg of body fat.

How much CO2 was avoided from being emitted due to these 'bike to work in Herzliya' events?
- Each participant avoided the emitting of about 3.2 kg of CO2, under conservative assumption. Car manufacturers' emission tests are done under laboratory conditions.
- At each event the emission of more than 250 kg of CO2 was avoided. For comparison, if the participants would have come to work by an electric car, they would save (all together) the emission of 38 kg CO2 compared to a benzin car.
- At all three events together, the emission of almost 1 ton of CO2 avoided.

Climate Reality
Among the logos that were printed on the event's publications, there was the logo of Al Gore's "Climate Reality Leadership Corps" which focuses on making people aware of Climate Change, Global Warming, its consequences, and the things we can do to mitigate.

Participants of the Bike to work events and their employers, who wish to participate (or host) a Climate Leader presentation may write to bike2work [AT]

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