Bikenomics to be the theme for the Bicycle City award 2016

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21-11-2014, fietsberaad

This theme was picked by the Dutch Cyclists' Union to highlight the financial and other benefits of cycling. 

‘The economic value of the bicycle’. That is to be the theme for the Bicycle City Award in 2016.

Beneficial health effects for persons riding a bike to and from work, deliveries by bike in cities to save time, increasing sales of bikes and bike parts as well as bicycle tourism will all receive attention. Another topic will be the efficient management of space in towns and villages. ‘By accommodating both pedestrians and cyclists, spaces will be created where people like to be, where house values will go up and vacancy rates for commercial property will go down’, says the Union.

The Union goes on to say that, in these times of budgetary restraint, it is becoming increasingly important to emphasise the economic benefit of cycling. ‘This may lead to the bike being accorded a more suitable role, as part of a solution for major problems, such as obesity, urban congestion, climate change and accessibility. A role as driver of development, creator of jobs and promotor of economic activity. As an opportunity and a solution, creating value, replacing something that is, and must, also be done’.