Breda pedals on

פורסם: 2 באוג׳ 2013, 2:23 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 2 באוג׳ 2013, 2:23 ]


The municipality of Breda launches a campaign, together with various cycling organisations and partners, under the slogan “Breda pedals on” to promote the use of the bicycle. The campaign will also make use of social media.


'We feel that mobility should be treated more as a product to be sold', says Breda's civil servant for cycling, Rob Temme. 'This should include a contemporary marketing approach in which social media will provide insight into what the Breda cyclists want'. A program is also in the works for a lifestyle-oriented marketing campaign. Prior to this, the demographic characteristics of the various city districts were analysed, giving an insight into the segmentation of each district into potential target populations for cycling campaigns. The first campaigns will be launched coming autumn.
In anticipation of the “Breda pedals on” launch, a photographer was already present taking snapshots of visitors with their bicycles. These were uploaded to the Pinterest social website where people could “like” their favorite photo. Those who visited the photos with the most “likes” were eligible for different prizes, ranging from a VIP card for the Breda Live music event to the photo book: 'The photographer and his bike'.