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Dear Eran,

Last week, we asked you to make a promise to travel with compassion—to Roll Together. Without a doubt, the way we bike and drive can make the roads better for all.

But that’s not enough. We still need more safe places to ride. For too many Americans, a safe and pleasant bike ride right from the front door simply isn't possible—yet.

That’s why we’re working every day to make biking better for everybody:

  • Bringing next-generation protected bike lanes to cities across the U.S. through our Green Lane Project.
  • Creating connected networks of bike paths, lanes, trails, and mountain bike parks in communities like yours. Our streets work better for everyone—riders and drivers alike—with advanced networks like these.
  • Awarding grants—nearly $1 million in the last 12 months—to support bike organizations and projects.
  • Helping children safely bike to school with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.
  • Developing a powerful, respected voice for biking with government leaders at all levels.

We need your support to build a better America for bicycling. Click the button to donate to PeopleForBikes today, and let’s Roll Together.

Donate here and make a difference:

Thanks for being a part of this movement,

The PeopleForBikes crew