Cycling roads are now part of Belgian law

פורסם: 29 בינו׳ 2013, 7:41 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 29 בינו׳ 2013, 7:42 ]

Although Belgium only boasts two bicycle roads so far, it puts itself ahead of Holland. This is because the bicycle road was formally given official status by Belgian Royal Decree last month.

The Royal Decree introduced two new traffic signs to mark the beginning and end of a bicycle road. The decree also defined traffic behaviour on these bicycle roads, whereby car drivers are forbidden to overtake cyclists. “On bicycle roads cyclists are at liberty to use the full breadth of the road when intended for one-way traffic, and half the width on the right side when intended for two-way traffic. Motor vehicles are permitted access to bicycle roads but are, however, forbidden to overtake cyclists. The speed limit on bicycle roads may never exceed 30 km/h”.