EU Public Health video promotes cycling to school & friends

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ECF, Health and environment, 7/2/2013

ECF’s representative to the Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, Dr Randy Rzewnicki, explains why and what it’s about.


Video:EU action on nutrition & physical activity

A short film released by EU Public Health promotes daily cycling by young people going to school or to visit friends.

 “This 3 minute video is part of their strategy to explain what they’re doing and why there’s a body called the ‘Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health’.

“The work ECF and the 32 other partners do together on ‘The Platform’ is typically behind closed doors, committee style, networking and lobbying. This video paints a nice picture of what we agree we should be doing: promoting good habits of eating and activity. In this case it’s daily cycling to school and friends.

“We’ve been working with SANCO (the EU’s acronym for DG Health & Consumers) for several years now and this video shows that the European Commission stands behind what ECF has been saying. Cycling for transport is important and should be part of public health strategy. So we’re happy that the EU made this and is showing it to citizens.

“Of course we think that SANCO and the Commission could do more to make walking and cycling the easy option. But the video is good. We’d really like it if other EU DGs  spent 1/3 of their promotional videos focusing on the value of cycling.