Summer reading: Economic benefits of bicycling

פורסם: 25 באוג׳ 2011, 5:30 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 25 באוג׳ 2011, 5:38 ]

When you're trying to save the world, who has time for romance novels and gossip magazines? If you've got some spare time over the long weekend or on your summer vacation, consider brushing up on the economic impacts of bicycling.

At Metro's Quarterly Trails Forum earlier this week, Alta Planning and Design CEO Mia Birk made a presentation about the economic impact of trails.

After the meeting, Metro staff circulated a five-page handout titled, Economic Benefits of Bicycling Resources. The list was compiled by Alta (or at least it was on their letterhead).

With all the talk about the economy and jobs these days, I figured many of you would like to have this information at hand. With that in mind, I've shared a partial list of these important studies below. You can download the original PDF here.

(The list is broken down by subject)

Property Value and Business Impacts

Jobs and Industry




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