Electric bike subsidy is successful

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fietsberaad.nl, 4/10/2012

Subsidies apparently encourage people to buy electric bikes. About 650 employees from the Arnhem-Nijmegen area acquired an e-bike with a discount this summer. The Gent municipality subsidized the electric bike purchases made by 1200 of its citizens.

The Arnhem-Nijmegen area employees received a 30% discount (amounting to at most € 600) on the purchase of an electric bike. To qualify for this discount, employees had to promise they would commute to work by bike during at least half of the working week for a period of 1 year. Employees also had to live no further than 20 kilometres from work. Health care workers and municipal employees in particular took advantage of this scheme.
In Gent citizens got a €250 rebate to buy an e-bike. There were also subsidies available for cargo bikes (“bakfietsen”), electric scooters, car share contracts, and LPG-fuelled cars. Although the purchase of an electric cargo bike qualified for a €400 subsidy, only a few dozen Gent inhabitants bought one of those. The entire e-bike scheme - intended to benefit Gent residents only - cost the municipality about €300.000. Gent is investigating the possibility that some of these bikes may have been sold to non-residents.