Evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns Programme

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by AECOM & Centre for Transport and Society, August 2012
Between 2008 and 2011, the Department for Transport, Cycling England and the Department of Health invested over £43M (approximately $68M CDN) to create the twelve Cycling City and Towns. The aim of the program was to explore whether and how increased investment in cycling, as part of a whole-town strategy, could lead to a significant and sustained increase in the number of cyclists and frequency of cycling. This report is an evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of the program. Researchers interviewed continued cyclists, new regular cyclists, and non-regular cyclists in the participating towns to find out what influenced their cycling behaviours. Analysis of the interviews found that whether or not a person cycles at all, or cycles for particular kinds of journeys, is determined by a mix of contextual factors including economic/policy environment, cycling infrastructure and facilities, social/cultural, and individual.
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