Fahrradportal: German Cycling Expertise

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March 2012
There's a broad demand for Germany's know-how in bicycle policy and infrastructural planning. The german bicycle portal contains a lot of resources: more than 4000 news, publications, research results and good practice examples. Internationally, the German language is a barrier to people who don't speak any German and planners and staff in Germany may easier learn from expertises from abroad, when they can get these information in German language.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, the series "Cycling Expertise Files" contains German Bicycle Expertise in English language. The series "Forschung Radverkehr" contains international expertises and practice examples in German language.

Download Flyer "Internet Portal for Germany's National Cycling Plan" (pdf, 522 kB). The flyer contains an overview of the complete series "Cycling Expertise from Germany".

At the present moment, Cycling Expertise is only available online. However, we can provide you with digital high-resolution print files for reproduction and reprint.
Please contact cycling-expertise@difu.de for further information.

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(*) Completion by the end of 2012.