Focus on Cycling – New publication from the City of Copenhagen

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| April 10, 2014

cykelfokus billede engelsk

Focus on cycling is a new publication, communicating guidelines for the road projects in the city of Copenhagen. The purpose is to contribute to road projects in Copenhagen being designed so that bicycle traffic is considered as optimal as possible.

Niels Tørsløv, Director of the Traffic Department, City of Copenhagen, writes about the publication:

“The goal of the guidelines set forth in Focus on Cycling is to ensure that bicycle traffic is factored into all Copenhagen road projects to the greatest extent possible, on a level that corresponds to the city’s political aspirations, regardless of whether the actual project is a cycling project or a more general traffic project. Furthermore, the guidelines are intended to ensure a consistent traffic design. In addition, the guidelines are expected to optimise the planning of new projects since external consultants – who design the City’s road projects – will understand Copenhagen’s political objectives from the beginning of the planning process.”

Copenhagen has a particular focus on crossings that are safe, secure and easy to get through for people cycling. Therefore, Focus on Cycling  begins with an examination of cycle-friendly crossing solutions. Then Focus on Cycling treats bicycle lanes in regard to the capacity problems that have emerged with the rise in bicycle traffic seen with the perspective that today bicycle traffic in Copenhagen is at its highest level in about 50 years.

Road projects in Copenhagen must be characterised by a unity of vision. Meaning that particular consideration of pedestrians and busses must be a part of the individual projects. Car traffic must also remain and there may be wishes for green elements and more general improvements of the city space. The rules of the road for traffic areas in cities with traditional and tested solutions are of course also the basic set of rules in Copenhagen. Since the rules of the road are broad and almost always merely intended as a guide, there is often the potential to create good solutions for bicycle traffic. Though not always. Therefore, Copenhagen and other cities carry out experiments with new solutions over these years – experiments that sometimes need dispensation from the rules of the road. Solutions can also be implemented and be a part of the rules of the road. Hopefully Focus on Cycling can also further this development.

”Focus on cycling” is translated from ”Cykelfokus – Københavns Kommunes retningslinjer for vejprojekter”. The reader is advised that this publication is intended as the City of Copenhagen’s guidelines and should be understood within a Danish context. The solutions set forth here are not necessarily immediately applicable elsewhere. Any comments or questions regarding the publication should be addressed to The Bicycle Programme: Niels Jensen or Andreas Røhl

The full version of Focus on Cycling can be found here: