Get that kid out of the car

פורסם: 21 ביוני 2013, 12:07 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 21 ביוני 2013, 12:08 ]
By Joanne Alexandra

Unsurprisingly, a new survey shows that although 58% of Canadian parents walked to school in their school years, only 28% of their children are walking to school nowadays. 
In this article published in the National Post, Joanne Alexandra discusses the rise in the number of kids being driven to school.  Despite assumptions, many of the kids being driven are children of well-edcauted and fit parents.  This happens even if they live in the most premium residences that are safe and  walkable.  These conditions are contributing to children’s health problems and a lack of social and physical activity.  The author urges parents to consider walking their chidlren to school.

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