Has the bike transformed your travel?

פורסם: 31 במאי 2013, 4:04 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 31 במאי 2013, 4:05 ]

29 May 2013. Researchers from the Transport and Road Safety [TARS] Research Centre at the University of NSW are conducting a study to find out more about how cycling for transport affects the use of other transport modes.

Take the online survey here.

Cycling for transport is being promoted, because of the potential to improve population health, reduce pollution and congestion, and increase cities'
liveability, with all the attendant economic and environmental benefits.

Accurate estimation of the benefits of increasing cycling for transport requires a good understanding of how this affects use of other transport modes. Current data about how cycling for transport influences use of other forms of transport mostly comes from studies of bike sharing schemes - which is likely to give a very distorted picture.

The present study aims to survey people who cycle at least once per week about the way in which cycling has influenced their use of other modes. It focuses on "times when you ride your bike for part or all of a trip to somewhere that you need to go" (so that cycling solely for recreation and exercise is excluded).

TARS is a research group located at UNSW that is dedicated to conducting high-quality innovative road and transportation safety research. Several of its researchers are conducting research that aims to improve cycling safety, and thus cycling participation.

Are you eligible? You ride a bike for transport at least once in a typical week. What does it involve? Online survey, approx 10 minutes.