How do we get more people cycling?

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By Anne-Kirstine Juul Spring, Kofoed & Co

Several surveys have shown that people who bike on a daily basis are not only in better physical shape than people who don’t, they are also in better mental shape.1 But some find it difficult to incorporate the daily exercise into an already tight schedule. Thus, cycling to and from place of work or education is an easy way to incorporate physical activity as an everyday routine in an otherwise busy week. Cycling is not only good for the individual, but also for the environment, for society in the shape of lower health costs, and for companies in the shape of fewer sick days among their employees, which again increases productivity.2

CykelScore 3
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CykelScore can!
CykelScore is a concept to get more people to bike more. CykelScore is the only all-year concept that challenges everybody to bike more all year round – both in terms of more bike trips and also longer trips – and it’s working! In CykelScore, participants can win cool prizes – simply by cycling! The more often one bikes, the greater chance of winning. When participants also pass some of CykelScore checkpoints, they can get an extra reward in the shape of more registrations and points. In this way, CykelScore supports, exposes, and rewards healthy and green transport habits, and this motivates both children and adults.

Every three months, 17 winners were found in CykelScore in Fredericia. Here, Frida Hornbæk Eriksen is having her winner photo taken for

In February 2013, CykelScore participants in Fredericia filled out a survey. Close to 60% – children and adults – stated that CykelScore to some or a large degree motivates them to cycle more. The survey also showed that 1/3 of the children are motivated by campaigns and competitions like CykelScore because it makes cycling fun. The program spreads largely by word of mouth: 82% of the adults in the survey have recommended or mentioned the concept to others. And 96% of participants deemed the project to be good or very good.

The cyclists can compare scores and results with other participating cyclists on the website, and compete across schools, classes, companies, and departments. Alice Mikkelsen, an enthusiastic participant in CykelScore states that: ‘There is something about the element of competition because I would never go on a detour of 15 km just for the fun of it. I never thought I would be so into it. But it is really motivating!’

There are many cool prizes in CykelScore such as cycle gear and gift vouchers. Sille Tonnesen from Fredericia, proudly shows off a prize.

In the spring of 2013, CykelScore 2.0 will be launched to include new check points and tags as well as a new website with new, cool functions.

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