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From: Pinhas Wolf, Walla!

The little guy against the big system - what laws make life better?

Not easy to admit, but you have to say honestly, sometimes MKs (Members of the Knesset) actually do think about us, the small citizen, and trying to make laws that will make our lives better. The problem is, among other laws that benefit, it is difficult to distinguish what is cheap populism designed to increase public sympathy for the party / certain MK, and sometimes they may remain in headlines only, that they turn out to be economically feasible, or that the government find ways to neutralize them. And yet , many laws still managed to break the barrier of populism, and required high government spending, and occasional flashes of laws that all that was left to greet "Bless them", because they really do the little bit better ...
Occasional flashes of laws that all that remained to greet them he "kept us alive" (Photo: Megged Gozan)

Occasional flashes of laws that all that remained to greet "Bless them" (Photo: Megged Gozan)

Cancellation wearing a helmet law for cyclists in cities

"Helmet for Good Minded", (The origin in Hebrew, "Kasda BeRosh Tov" sounds better and more convincing) was one of the most effective campaigns in Israel, ever, but over the years, we began to realize that if you want to ease on air pollution and traffic congestion in major cities, you should encourage bicycle commuting. However, one can't expect that all cyclists would wear a helmet.

In 2007, the Knesset approved a ban on riding a bike without wearing a helmet. The law was criticized by environmental organizations which argued that it will make it difficult to encourage commuting by bicycles in cities. On the last day of summer session of the Knesset, MK Dov Hanin (Hadash) and Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) successfully passed second and third reading of the law eliminates the duty of wearing a helmet in the cities. Safety organizations expressed protest and warned that the law may have fatal consequences, but Yom Kippur is a celebration for bicycle enthusiasts, this year won their war.

Yom Kippur is a celebration near cyclists (Photo: Uri Lenz)

יום כיפור הקרוב הוא חגיגה לרוכבי האופניים (צילום: אורי לנץ) Yom Kippur is a celebration near cyclists (Photo: Uri Lenz)

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