Israeli court sentences hit-and-run driver to 12 years in prison

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Tal Mor was convicted of killing Shneor Cheshin, son of former Supreme Court justice Mishael Cheshin, with his car while inebriated.

by Tomer Zarchin,

Petah Tikva's District Court sentenced a man on Sunday to 12 years in prison, over a 2010 for a hit-and-run accident which killed the son of a former Supreme Court justice Mishael Cheshin.

Tal Mor, who in June of 2010 ran over Shneor Cheshin and fled the scene, was convicted earlier this month by the Petah Tikva District Court of vehicular manslaughter; leaving the victim at the scene of the accident; driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol; obstruction of justice and driving without a license and insurance.

Tal Mor being led into court, July 7, 2010. Photo by: Nir Keidar

The court also ordered Mor to compensate the Chesin family with 30,000 NIS, adding that the driver's license will be revoked for 20 years following his prison sentence.

In his sentence, judge Zeharya Casspi said he felt sentences given to those "who take to the wheel drunk" should be increased, adding that "this sentence should be hung from on the walls of every bar."

Mor's attorney was pleased with the sentence, saying that "12 years in prison is less than what the prosecution had requested."

Following his conviction, prosecutor Aviv Sharon said the state did not feel there was any reason for lenience in Mor's case, since hours before the accident Mor had been at three different pubs and had drank copious amounts of alcohol. His blood alcohol was three times the legal limit and he had also taken drugs.

Sharon also said that the court had set a high bar in terms of punishment for similar crimes, citing the case of the hit-and-run driver Shai Simon, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing Meital Aharonson.

According to the driver's conviction, an inebriated Mor hit Chesin as he was cycling along Highway 5 and, despite the fact that the victim was wearing a florescent vest and that his bicycle was equipped with flashlights.

Cheshin's body was slammed against Mor's hood and windshield and fell to the wayside. He was killed instantly.

Mor, who realized that he had hit a person, did not stop to estimate his condition, and continued driving to his home in Kefar Baruch. Upon arrival, he covered his windshield, and called his insurance agent to inform him that his car had slipped and that he had hit a tree.

During the trial, Mor alleged that he had indeed hit Cheshin with his car, but denied that the accident was the cause for the victim's death, saying that is was possible that another car had hit Cheshin later on.

Following his conviction, Mor addressed the court, asking for mercy and for forgiveness from his victim's family 

Shneor Cheshin with his wife and kids (photo: ynet)


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