"Talk is good, but action by far better"

פורסם: 18 ביולי 2010, 2:36 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 19 ביולי 2010, 10:08 ]
יאן גהל, שנתן את הרצאת הסיום ב-velo-city, נתן מספר דוגמאות לערים שעברו שינוי מהותי בשנים האחרונות וקידמו את תחבורת האופניים:

He took the audience through a series of cities, that had improved their public realm, including making cycling much more feasible, over the last decades – Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Mexico City. He showed examples of changes, all cities can learn from, and paid due respect to the many cities, politicians and city administrators, who carry out and implement these changes in concrete terms all around the world. Our cities need these dedicated people, that can make the change happen, was his message to the audience.

With this, Jan Gehl was in line with other speakers at the conference, such as Gil Penalosa, Janett Sadik-Khan and Vandana Shiva, who all made clear, that talk is good, but action by far better.