How to use a Bike Box

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by Clarence Eckerson, Jr. on January 9, 2008
The NYC DOT (Department of Transportation) has been quietly rolling out dozens of bike boxes all over Gotham. (*Update: Official number is 60!) It's really quite remarkable. But since the majority of riders seem not to know what they are or how to use them just yet, StreetFilms thought this would be a fun way to educate cyclists to love and cherish the Bike Box.

*Addendum: Apparently so few New Yorkers know about bike boxes that even the New York Times screwed up in an article about Portland, Oregon installing new bike boxes!

"...the boxes, believed to be the first such to be put to use by any city in the country, will make cyclists even safer and more comfortable on the street, biking advocates and transportation officials say."

They should really check in with StreetFilms more often.

*AND we now have a sequel: Green Bike Box!

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