Peering eyes cut bike theft by half

פורסם: 2 באוג׳ 2013, 2:04 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 2 באוג׳ 2013, 2:04 ]

Research done by Newcastle University concludes that posters with peering eyes hung near bike parking zones reduce the number of bike thefts by 50%. A year-long experiment was conducted at University campuses using posters that displayed the peering eyes as well as a terse warning. The number of bike thefts was reduced by 62%.  

However, the number of bike thefts increased by 63% where posters were absent, which according to the researchers would indicate that bike thefts had not decreased but had merely been moved to other areas.

Nevertheless the results were promising enough, suggesting a more elaborate experiment covering the entire municipality.

A similar peering-eye experiment had earlier been conducted next to a charity collection box in a tearoom. Donations increased threefold, and it was also observed that more people were clearing up after dinner. At present the British Railway Police are also testing this approach.