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TED’s mission is ideas worth spreading. The dream behind this initiative is to find companies that want to communicate ideas with their consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience. What makes ideas powerful is that they have a life of their own; an idea can reset someone’s worldview and even begin a domino effect as they pass it on to friends.

An ad worth spreading is a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes, whether that’s through state-of-the-art animation, lush imagery or an individual talking directly to the camera. What matters is the “a-ha” moment, the central idea.

Revealing the way a company thinks shows consumers what that company is and what it stands for. Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” campaign, for example, spoke to people because it communicated an incredible idea – steel is born of fire, and cities that go through hard times aren’t dead forever.

Ads Worth Spreading began as a clarion call to the global advertising community in 2011, asking for ads that inspired and engaged audiences. TED received nearly 1,000 entries and picked 10 outstanding examples. In 2012, we’re combining expert curation, crowdsourcing and conversation to discover compelling work from around the world. The ad industry’s brightest thinkers will work with TED speakers to nominate brilliant ads, while TED extends an open invitation to agencies, producers and brands to submit their work through the Ads Worth Spreading channel on YouTube beginning October 15, 2011 through December 31, 2011.

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