Ray LaHood rides to Work with DOT employees

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6/6/2011, League of American Bicyclists

This morning more than two dozen US DOT employees rode to work with their boss, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The bike ride, which started at the Washington Monument and ended at the US DOT headquarters, came about after a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) employee, Darren Buck, submitted the suggestion to the Department.

LaHood bikes to work

Secretary LaHood on his way to work

“This morning I biked to work with a group of DOT commuters from the Washington Monument to our headquarters building.  The route was safe and well-marked; we enjoyed some exercise; and we didn’t burn a drop of gas–which saved us some money,” the Secretary wrote on his blog, “That’s what I call a successful commute.”

Nationals Stadium

Nationals Park

Group 4

DOT Bicycle commuters, including Secretary LaHood, at US DOT headquarters

Darren Buck and Secretary LaHood

Secretary LaHood with Darren Buck, the FHWA employee who suggested the ride

Photos by Darren Flusche. For more photos, see the Secretary’s blog Welcome to the Fast Lane.

Watch this great video from Jay Mallin:

Ray LaHood Bikes to Work from Jay Mallin on Vimeo.

Source: bikeleague.org

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