Regional Cycling Strategy

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TransLink's long-term transportation strategy, Transport 2040, sets goals for the kind of transportation future we want - a system that's safe, fosters economic growth and lowers GHG emissions. Within the next 30 years, one of the goals is that most trips in Metro Vancouver will be made by transit, walking and cycling.

Cycling for Everyone - A Regional Cycling Strategy for Metro Vancouver provides guidance on how cycling can contribute to realizing the goals of Transport 2040, TransLink's long-term transportation strategy. The Strategy lays out TransLink's policy direction for cycling, and is intended to provide a common framework for action by TransLink, municipalities and other partners.

Prior to releasing the Strategy, TransLink completed a number of background studies and held a series of three workshops with over 100 stakeholders. The input received formed the basis for the development of the Strategy.

As a region, we have made great improvements to the bicycle-friendliness of our communities. However, we have a long way to go to achieve the ambitious vision and goals set out in the Regional Cycling Strategy. Moving forward, TransLink will use the Strategy as a foundation to inform the development of its medium- and near-term implementation plans. Likewise, we encourage all of our partners to view this document as a consistent regional foundation upon which to build their implementation plans. Together, we can help make our common vision of "Cycling for Everyone" a reality.

To learn more about the background studies and read reports from the consultation process, please visit the Regional Cycling Strategy Document Library.


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