Residential Bicycle Parking & Showers Standards - Santa Monica

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Development Standards & Land Use Regulations - City of Santa Monica
Residential Parking Standards:

B.11.B - Bicycle Parking Standards 
Providing an adequate supply of bicycle parking at all destinations is critical in the Plan area to encourage bicycle use and reduce auto travel for all types of trips. Requirements are broken down into short-term and long-term parking requirements. Short-term bicycle parking is designed for parking needs of less than three hours, while long-term bicycle parking is designed for parking needs over three hours. 

Short-term bicycle parking shall consist of bicycle racks to which the bicycle frame and at least one wheel can be securely locked to the rack. Long-term parking shall be fully enclosed to protect bicycles from weather. Acceptable examples include bicycle rooms, bike cages, attended roofed/indoor bicycle facilities and bike lockers.

Bicycle Racks must be securely anchored to the ground and should be located as close as practicable to the entrance of the facility served or as bike corrals in the street. Bicycle racks shall not be more than 25 feet from a primary building entrance.

Commercial Requirements. All new buildings or structures, substantial remodels and changes of use to an existing building shall provide bicycle parking per Table 5.07 (page 149). 

Residential Requirements. All new buildings or structures and substantial remodels with five or more dwelling units shall provide bicycle parking per Table 5.07. For purposes of this section, hotel guest rooms shall be considered dwelling units. 

Mixed-Use Requirements. In instances where a building contains components of more than one of the aforementioned categories, the requirements will be based on the sum of the individual uses per Table 5.07.

 For existing buildings, automobile parking spaces required under established requirements in the Municipal Code may be replaced at a ratio of one automobile parking space for every eight shortterm or five long-term bicycle parking spaces, provided that bicycle parking replacement does not exceed 10% of required automobile parking spaces. A combination of short- and long-term spaces may approved by the Strategic and Transportation Planning Manager. Buildings with fewer than 10 automobile parking spaces may be allowed one space to be replaced in this manner.

Where bicycle parking is not visible from the street, clear and visible signage shall be provided leading to it.

Bicycle parking areas shall have adequate lighting that provides high visibility of the rack or locker area, as determined by the Strategic and Transportation Planning Manager

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