Reward system encourages commuters to take up cycling

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Dutch Cyclin Embassy, 06-06-2014

Two Dutch regions have launched schemes to reward motorists and other commuters who are prepared to leave their car and switch to cycling.

The Twente region will stimulate motorists travelling between home and work to start cycling.  Motorists will be encouraged by cyclists to take part. Every time a motorist cycles to work – leaving the car at home – both he and the cyclist who has persuaded him to join the scheme, will receive a reward. For the cyclist, the reward is € 1 per day: for the motorist, the reward could be as high as € 5 per day. The maximum number of participants for this year is 400.

The Arnhem/Nijmegen region is offering a free Toury app to everybody living and working in the region. The free Toury app (for iPhone and Android) allows you to make a virtual bike trip to Paris in 6 weeks. The more you take the bike, the more points and jerseys you score. You can take part in the game individually, or as a team with friends, colleagues or neighbourhood acquaintances. There is also a special e-bike competition for e-bikers who want to compete against each other. The person(s) with the most points after 6 weeks wins a weekend in Paris. Every week, participants have the chance of winning a bike in a prize draw.

In those 6 weeks, everybody can keep up with the classifications for individual riders, teams and e-bikes by going to the website

Employers in the region have promised to bring the Toury app to the attention of their 15,000 employees.