Rewarding the bike trip to the sport club

פורסם: 29 בינו׳ 2013, 5:51 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 29 בינו׳ 2013, 5:51 ]

Bike the Track / Track the Bike is an EU project designed to stimulate children to ride their bikes to the sports club, cinema, or theatre. They are tracked with GPS and are awarded points accordingly.


The points can be used for the lottery, for instance, or for discounts when purchasing bikes and bike accessories. The software introduces a playful element into cycling, includes an app for the mobile phone, adds a website, social media, RFID and GPS. These elements also help gather information about bike usage in the city. Thanks to the different ways of taking measurements, participation by every European city is possible. Rotterdam, for one, participates on behalf of Holland. The aim of this project is to promote cycling among families with children aged between 9 and 15. The focus is on the use of the bike during leisure time. The target group exhibits a complex mobility pattern - for instance often using the car to take the children to their sport venue. Use of the bike would be healthier and more environmentally-friendly. Besides, the children of this group are old enough to cycle on their own and are almost old enough to use a moped. By stimulating them to cycle at this age, the chances of their doing so in the future are increased, according to the DTV Consultants advisory bureau, which coordinates the project.