Sharp Decrease in Air Pollution during Yom Kippur in Israel

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by Eran Shchori, bike2work project manager and "public policy" team member, Israel Bicycle Association ('Israel Bishvil Ofanaim'), September 28, 2012
Yom Kippur is a day that almost all residents of Israel do not use their cars and almost no factory is operating. For many it's a relligious day but for many others, it's just a day with no cars. Thus, Israel is the only country in the world that once a year can look at the sharp decrease in air pollution for 24 hours and view the impact of pollution caused by transportation. This is how it looks like:
Air pollution (Nitrogen Oxides) graph during Yom Kippur 2012
Air Pollution (Nitrogen Oxides) graph during Yom Kippur 2012.  

Since all roads are almost car free during this day, many people, asults and kids alike, take the opportunity to bike on the empty roads, something they can't do on on usual days.
Israel Bicycle Organization (Israel Bishvil Ofanaim) has put a facebook page so people could upload photos taken during this car free day. GoTo FuelFreeDay Facebook page. Some examples from those pictures are peresented here:
Ibn Gvirol st. in Tel Aviv. The city was so calm :)

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