Solar-Powered Bicycle Parking Pods Provide Solar Hot Water Showers in Queensland

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It’s a shame we missed this for the recent Ride To Work week. Because it directly answers the main concerns people have about commuting on bicycles, namely arriving at work sweaty from exercise or wet from rainy weather. Business partners Tim Ceolin (Masters in Architecture student) and Mark Rossiter (business graduate) established Penny Farthings Pushbikes to design and develop bike parking stations. And specifically the Green Pod, a solar-powered bike storage unit that also sports change rooms, showers, a self-cleaning device and use of recycled water.

"It's about the size of a car space. They're set to be about 2.4 metres wide by 5 metres long and in that space we're able to [fit] two showers, two change rooms, ten lockers and ten bicycle storage facilities," Said Tim Ceolin, in an article for Catapult. "It really has the capacity to change the way we work. I think as time goes on, we are starting to realise that we really have to look after the environment and subtle changes like riding a bike to work is the way to do that," says Tim.

The first Green Pod went into service at Queensland University of Technology’s Kelvin Grove campus, but the guys have interest from other parties, and they are hopeful they can get railway utilities on board.

But the guys aren’t a one trick pony. Penny Farthings Pushbikes ("Pushbike" is a British, Australian and New Zealand colloquial term for a bicycle, although Australians often go one step further and simply call them pushies) also have simpler bike parking stations, such as the Pushbike Tree and Pushbike Cradle Wall Rack.

Photos: Penny Farthing Pushbikes

Source: Treehugger