Study: Cycling Helps Cancer Patient’s Recovery

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Julian Ferguson, ECF, Health and environment, News, 19.11.2012

Light exercise,  especially cycling and walking, could help cancer patients on their way to recovery says new study. 

A UK study compared more than 2,600 people with cancer-related fatigue who did or didn’t go through an exercise program. While past studies point to talk therapy, nutrition counselling and acupuncture as possible remedies, this study suggests that cycling and walking helps manage fatigue. 

“We’re not expecting people to go out and be running a mile the next day,” said Fiona Cramp, who worked on the analysis at the University of the West of England in Bristol told Reuters

“Some people will be well enough that they’re able to go for a jog or go for a bike ride, and if they can, that’s great. But we would encourage people to start with a low level.”

In the health world, cycling is something of a miracle ‘drug’. Studies have found that it can detect early signs of parkinson’s disease, and other studies have noted that an hour of moderate to vigorous cycling extends an individual’s expected healthy lifetime by more than an hour.

Governments should see cycling as a key tool in the public health portfolio,” says Dr. Randy Rzewinicki, ECF’s Health Policy Officer and Project Manager. 

The health benefits of  cycling for transportation are phenomenal. People feel better, they’re much less likely to be depressed, or fatigued and productivity is higher. That’s without mentioning cycling’s ability to combat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and strokes.”

According to Rzewinicki, even the dangers of cycling, such as air pollution are outweighed by benefits, at a factor of up to 100 to 1. 

So, no more excuses. Get on your bicycle. You’ll feel better… it’s scientifically proven.