The 2012 'Green Globus' Trophy was awarded to Telofun, the bicycle sharing project of Tel Aviv

פורסם: 5 במאי 2012, 1:03 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 11 ביולי 2012, 12:15 ]
by Eran Shchori, bike to work project manager and public policy team member, 'Israel Bishvil Ofanaim' (an NGO)
published: 4 May, 2012 
The Green Globus for the year 2012 was awarded to 'TeloFun', the bicycle sharing project in Tel Aviv, which, in its first operational year received huge success with over than one million rentals. The trophy was awarded to Mr. Ron Huldai, mayor of Tel Aviv, from Yotam Avizohar, G.M of 'Israel Bicycle Association' (in Hebrew: 'Israel Bishvil Ofanaim').
The video above does not have English subtitles, yet one sentence Mr. Huldai said is worth mentioning: "It is important that people will recognize Tel Aviv as a bicycle city".

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