The European Parliament calls for the EU to tackle serious injuries on the road

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ecf, 4/7/2013


A recent European Parliament resolution calls on the EU  to address road safety issues. This resolution’s primary goal is to reduce the number of serious injuries on the road. It also includes the promotion of cycling and walking as alternatives to driving. 

The European Parliament in its plenary session 03/07/2013 has called for the EU to tackle serious injuries with regards to road safety.

The Resolution1 is a quick response by the Parliament to the European Commission plans for reducing serious injuries2 which was kicked off by giving an EU common definition of serious injury.

  • Recognising that the major causes of accidents are poor infrastructure, design, driver behaviour and speedHighlights of the text include
  • Calls on the Commission to collect and gather good data
  • To set an ambitious target of reducing road injuries by 40% over the period 2014-2020

There is also a section on ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ which also has some good points

  • The recognition of Safety in Numbers and the correlation between more cyclists/safer cyclists
  • Calling for importance of campaigns related to safer cycling and of policies aimed at promoting cycling and walking
  • Calling for the Commission to look at 30 kph in urban areas
  • Also calls on the Commission to develop road safety guidelines for inclusion in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

Post-accident care, technology and improving first aid facilities were also a part of the Resolution.

It is refreshing to see the promotion of cycling (and walking) as part of a road safety agenda, as again by the Parliament, recognising the importance of speed of motorised vehicles.

We support the Resolution and hope that the Commission takes heed to its points


[2] European Commission (2013) Commission Staff Working Document: On the Implementation of Objective 6 of the European Commission’s Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-2020 – First Milestone Towards an Injury Strategy

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