The Guardian Witness Projecrt: Cycling paths in cities

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March 2014, the guardian

If you cycle in a city – any city – then show us your experience in the form of photos, videos or stories. We want to see tricky junctions and road difficulties, but also blissful pathways. Most of all however, we want to know what makes your city unique for cyclists – be it the cycle-hire schemes, the views or the character of your fellow cyclists. We’ll feature the best on the Guardian site.

You may already ride on the new bicycle tracks at Bloch street

Bloch street, located just below the townhall in the center of Tel Aviv, is the first street which bicycle tracks were paved at the expense of some 60 car parking spaces. Street residents opposed. Volunteers of the 'Israel Bishvil Ofanaim' - an NGO which promotes bicycle transportation supported the city's actions, insisted that separated bicycle tracks will be paved, and were active during discussions that took place in meetings with the residents and through various media channels. Read more:

In October 2011, a bicycle track was paved along the beautiful beach promenade of Tel Aviv. For more pictures:

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