The next breakthrough for a bike-friendly world: Protected intersections! (video)

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Protected Intersection for cyclists
Screen capture

This would encourage so many people to bike...

Protected bike lanes are great, and thankfully they are becoming more common. But when you reach an intersection on a bike, you usually have to leave the protected zone and fend for yourself, hoping that motorists see you and that everybody follows the sometimes confusing traffic signals and lights. But it doesn't have to be that way (we don't have to live like animals!).

Protected intersections are the answer we've been looking for.

Urban planner Nick Falbo has been studying Dutch intersections and has adapted the solutions used there to keep cyclists safe to the US urban environment. He made this really, really great video to explain how it works. Really, you have to watch this. Production quality is impressive and everything is well explained. I hope that it spreads like wildfire among urban planners:

For a lot more details on protected intersections, go to, Falbo's site. capture

Here he is, below. Thanks for doing this, Nick!

© Nick Falbo


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