A chance for city cyclists to find the right balance between work and play

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Eleanor Ainge Roy
October 12, 2011 - 12:00AM

Something she'll never forget… cycling coach George Mihelakis teaches Sian Lian Lee, 56, how to ride a bike as part of National Ride to Work Day. Photo: Peter Rae

SIAN Lian Lee, 56, has never ridden a bike. She had never even thought about riding a bike until yesterday, when she saw a workshop for timid riders in Hyde Park.

''I saw this workshop and just thought why not?,'' she said.

'' I'm a bit wobbly, but that's OK. I'm just riding a small bike so if I fall, it's not too far.''

Although Lee won't be riding to work today, an estimated 3,000 other Sydneysiders will on the National Ride to Work Day. At last year's event 18,000 people from around NSW rode to work, and organisers are expecting that to increase to 25,000 this year.

The City of Sydney will be providing a free breakfast to riders in Hyde Park South, and there will also be free bike-tune ups and physios on hand to advise on correct riding posture.

''During the last year we've seen a dramatic increase in the number of people choosing to take advantage of our bike network,'' the lord mayor, Clover Moore, said. "This is the city's way of saying thank you.''

Researchers from the University of Sydney are calling for the state government to do more to encourage cycling in the state. The Prevention Research Collaboration Group in the School of Public Health, have recommended the state government devote a minimum of 1 to 2 per cent of the roads budget to fund the State Cycling Plan, and lower the speed limit in pedestrian and cycling dense areas to 40 km/h.

"We know around half of all Australians don't get enough exercise. This has huge implications for health and health care costs," Chris Rissel, Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, said.

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