Austrian supermarket focuses on cyclists

פורסם: 20 בדצמ׳ 2010, 7:35 על ידי: Sustainability Org

In Austria supermarket chain Spar has provided its branches of bicycle with bicycle stands, in cooperation with Vienna local authorities. This concerned 650 bicycle parking spaces overall. In addition a number of branches will be provided with charger facilities for electric bikes.

Overall bicycle stands have been placed at some 114 branches in Vienna, providing room for 650 bicycles, at a cost of approximately € 150,000. The stands have been realized at individual stores (20%), but often also at shopping centres (80%). 

The realization was not always easy. Sometimes room was limited and local authorities had to get used to the idea of for instance sacrificing car parking space for bicycle parking space. The argument used to convince them was that four bicycle stands, with room for eight bicycles, occupy less space than a single car. Nevertheless the entire project was successfully realized within eight months. 

The so-called Bike & Buy initiative was supported by the sale of cycling accessories like panniers and locks. But Spar also sells electric bicycles for next to nothing (approximately € 400), in part thanks to a government subsidy of € 180. This also pays for 30 Spar charger facilities provided with green electricity. Employees benefit as well: they receive an additional € 100 discount on an electric bicycle.