Bicycle Friendly Business

פורסם: 11 במאי 2010, 11:29 על ידי: Sustainability Org
New Belgium Brewing Company | Platinum Level

Business Highlights: New Belgium was founded on a bike ride 17 years ago and their cycling momentum still continues. Each employee receives a free bike after one year of employment and has access to a fleet of twenty cruiser bikes for professional or personal use. Showers, locker room, bike-in cinema, cyclo-cross track, covered parking, maintenance supplies, and a dedicated bike maintenance person are all on-site as encouragement for employees and guests to bike. And bike they do, in the summer months over 50% of the staff ride more than twice a week. Team Wonderbike is New Belgium's successful advocacy program with over 15,000 subscribers who have pledged to offset a collective 14 million car miles by cycling in the next year. Local non-profits are the beneficiaries of beer sales at Tour de Fat, an 11 city bike parade to promote bicycle awareness, which has seen participation reach the 10,000 mark. Locally, Tour de Fat raised over $65,000 for Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol.

Most Compelling Statistic: New Belgium’s Tour de Fat has raised more than $1 million for bicycle advocacy groups since 2000.

Upcoming Plans: New Belgium will increase outreach efforts through Team Wonderbike and plans to expand Tour de Fat to benefit even more cities and advocacy groups.