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New Portland State University bike garage features stacked parking, eco-roof

Published: Monday, October 11, 2010, 12:20 PM     Updated: Monday, October 11, 2010, 12:29 PM
Joseph Rose, The Oregonian Joseph Rose, The Oregonian

The inside of the Montgomery Street Bike Garage.

Portland State University will open a new bike garage today featuring an eco-roof and the first “double-decker” storage racks in the city.

About 75 percent of PSU’s faculty, staff and students use alternative transportation, so the  77 new spaces in the covered Montgomery Street garage should help alleviate the scarcity of bicycle parking on campus.

The garage will use double decker racks, allowing nearly twice as much parking as other garages.
said university
The new bicycle garage -- on Southwest Montgomery between 13th and 13th avenues -- also includes an eco-roof with vegetation planting to reflect heat and keep the building cool, spokesman Scott Gallagher.

PSU now has more than 2,000 bike parking spaces on campus and continues to add more to meet demand, including plans to add bike garages to all new buildings and retrofit existing buildings with an average of one new facility per year,
Gallagher said.
Earlier this year, PSU opened a similar garage on Harrison Street.

A few more quick facts about the new garage:

  • Funded with $50,000 from Metro RTO Grant, $150,000 from PSU Transportation, $5,000 from Bureau of Environmental Services for eco-roof with plantings.
  • Project renovated an existing bike shelter that was dark, under-used, and a frequent location for bicycle theft.
  • New features include: Secure facility with 24/7 access by PSU ID card technology; security cameras and forced entry alarms; additional 29 bike parking spaces (from 48 spaces in the old shelter to 77 spaces in the new bike garage);  first installation of articulated "two-tiered" bike parking system in the Portland region; enhanced, efficient lighting.
  • To date, 101 bike garage permits have been sold. 51 are currently active for fall term 2010.
  • Permit sales are showing steady growth as more students and staff learn about the bike garage.