Commuter Incentives in California

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Photo via MoBikeFed @ Flickr
If you live on campus, you can probably get away without a car -- but commuters don't always have it so easy. In California, though, more than one school has come up with a plan to encourage green commuting, from the car-pool dedicated spots at San Diego State University to Mesa College setting aside spaces for hybrid cars.
At Stanford University in Palo Alto, students committed to not driving to campus at all received up to $282 in financial incentives; at UC Irvine, the Sustainable Transportation program encourages the use of public transportation, fitted parking garages with fluorescent lighting, and even adjusted traffic signals; and at UC San Diego, the school bus runs on biodiesel, students who ride their bikes most of the time get free parking for their rare car trips -- and Zipcars are available on campus.
Soorce: Treehugger