Copenhagen: City of Cyclist (video, 5 parts)

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Created on 19 august 2007
Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 1 of 5: Our very first episode of A Billion Bikes, takes us to the Danish city of Copenhagen, which has one of the most advanced urban bicycling communities in the world. A full third of their city workforce commutes by bicycle! This is an excellent 5-part program of weekly episodes.  
Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 2 of 5: We meet some of the 100,000 cyclists who've made bicycle commuting a part of their daily lives. 
Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 3 of 5: We're headed downtown to mix it up with traffic in Copenhagen. Get a good look at not only the green cycle routes across the city, but also the curb-protected roadside "cycle tracks", the blue-painted intersection pavement guides, and bicycle-specific traffic lights. What an amazing mix they've accomplished, with not only a third of their commuting population bicycling in each day, but in a system so well thought out that kids and families ride through the city right along with them.  
Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 4 of 5: We're invited into the recreational cycling communities of Copenhagen. Kick back, relax and discover the City Bikes program, offering free use of bicycles for locals and tourists alike. For both work and play, this is one amazingly well-considered cycling city.

First up is a quick hello from Andréa White, Executive Director of, a program which designs and operates cycling facilities at urban transportation hubs across the country and internationally. And then a fascinating comment on the relation of bicycles and computers from Apple, Inc. founder Steve Jobs. This excellent 60-minute film about the research possibilities at the Library of Congress is available from
Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 5 of 5: A fine farewell to the great city of Copenhagen. For work or play, young or old, rain or shine, one of the very best cycling communities in the world. Thanks to the City of Copenhagen for bringing us this program. Learn more and plan a visit!

First is Leslie Reissner, enjoying springtime at the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. We'll visit with Leslie again in future programs. Then a rare find at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum - one of only five existing bicycles designed and built by the Wright Brothers shortly before their invention of the airplane!