ECF partner awarded €1 million to promote physical activity across Europe

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ECF Press Release, 14/5/2013

€ 1 million grant awarded to Move Week 2013

ECF is delighted to announce that an important partnership between ECF and the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) has been awarded €1 million grant from the European Union budget.

The grant is to be used for the 2013 edition of MOVE Week (7 to 13 October), an annual Europe-wide event and integral part of the NowWeMove (2012-2020) Campaign. The objective of MOVE Week is to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity. A wide range of promoters of physical activity will be supporting MOVE Week 2013 including individuals, non-governmental organisations, schools, companies and municipalities from all European countries.

The NowWeMove Campaign is in 2013 coordinated by International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) in collaboration with ECF. 

Kevin Mayne, Development Director for ECF: “We want to congratulate ISCA for this exciting success and inviting ECF to be a partner in the MOVE Week 2013 and the broader NowWeMove campaign. We completely agree with the vision of increased cross-sector collaboration to promote physical activity and we are happy to contribute to the success of the MOVE Week 2013.”

ECF will encourage cycling groups, cities and cycling businesses to use the NowWeMove Campaign all year round to show the importance of daily and recreational cycling to physical activity and public health.

Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President said: ”With the MOVE Week 2013 we will connect and include citizens from South, North, East and West in this European event. Together with MOVE Agents across Europe we want to illustrate the variety of local initiatives celebrating active lifestyle, sport and physical activity. We invite cities, organisations, companies, and individuals to join as MOVE Agents and contribute by moving people.”

MEP Morten Løkkegaard, budget reporter for the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament, who has been instrumental in securing support for MOVE Week 2013: “MOVE Week is an important European initiative to promote the benefits of being physically active, and it is a primary concern of the European Union to encourage European citizens to lead healthy lifestyles. I am proud that the European Parliament via the EU budget for 2013 will support this initiative and look forward to MOVE Week 2013!”